Peacock palette

Peacocks have such a wonderful display of colorful feathers. Rather magnificent hues that merge and with the reflection of light make them stand out.

I didn’t set out to paint a peacock, but whilst trying out different palettes, I arrived to this one… blues, greens and purples…a but of sienna and the rest in between. I know a good watercolorist (which I am not) would thoroughly clean brushes between colors. I must admit I rather like the surprise of the different pigments blending. So I rarely do.

Making transparencies with watercolors demands a lot of patience. Layers have to dry. So, I start a couple of these at the same time and make wall art with matching palettes.

Here a few of those with a color range that reminded me of the feathers in peacocks, hence the name. I’m thinking of making prints of them to be sold on my etsy shop. Good idea? what do you think?