Nature quite dictates my drawing moods. Birds, trees, flowers. Little beasts. I am quite a nature woman. I like to wander in the woods and sit in my garden to watch birds and trees in silence. It is sometimes quite difficult whilst living in the city, but we have made our best planting plenty of flowery shrubs, flowers and fruit trees than not only provide shade and fruit, but also refuge for birds and other creatures. I don’t think I qualify as an “old hippy” but I do think that we need to keep the planet in balance. Putting stones everywhere making dead gardens and building everywhere is not quite smart. I insist on the fact that we all should be planting trees and teaching our children to co-exist with nature more than the present “running over nature”.

So yes, there are many elements in my paintings that repeat themselves such as birds and trees, flowers and rain.

This piece is 30x40cm and has a combination of acrylics, pencil and oil pastels. I used a 250gr acrylic paper.
I loooove sliding my fingers on the oily pigment of oil pastels.

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