Cielo de otoño

Cielo de otoño means “Autumn Sky” in spanish.

My studio is a little house in my garden. Built by my husband with his own hands, under the walnut tree we planted when we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, right in front of a magnolia tree we planted super small 15 years ago and every spring graces us with beautiful pink flowers.


In autumn, while the walnut tree still has leaves; the low, amber sunlight shines through leaves and gives the garden a beautiful light that illuminates the last few hardy flowers left. This year autumn was a rather sunny affair, with blue clear skies.

This little pair of paintings are my interpretation of that moment, looking out my window. Sometimes just the smallest moment sparks a whole new set of ideas.

Blue sky above

Both these paintings (with all their size, materials and price details) are now listed on my Etsy shop – You can find them there to take also a closer look. Tell me what you think!