Simplify…  it should be a mantra repeated everyday. I should actually make a whole series of drawings with this theme in mind… simplify. Everything. I’ve started the week aiming for it. To try to say a bit more often NO to things others want from me and make time for things I want to do. Because let’s face it… I can spend a lot of time drawing and painting things for others, but If I don’t have play time… no new ideas will come up.

Simplify was the aim and I think I’m “almost” getting it… baby steps. I did have yesterday unexpected time to do more and upload a few more designs to redbubble. I’ve heard wonders about the quality of that service, that is why I have decided to upload my drawings there. In order to print stuff myself -which I have done in the past- lots of work is involved in comparing price and quality, printers, investing a lot of money, finding customers, etc. It is a lot of work. Which is fine, but in the spirit of “simplifying” I thought I could give it a try. Right now, I’m on that place where less is more. Need to simplify… yes, you read it again.

Well, this drawing of a big eyed girl with poppies in the background and a simple quote; is now uploaded and ready to be printed on posters, cards, t-shirts and… mugs… a few things really. I’m thinking of ordering a travel mug for my tea. A constant reminder right at hand.

Do you have trouble simplifying too or is it something it doesn’t bother you at all…?