Mi causa


“Mi causa” or “my cause”… gets sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks needed to be completed when you are a working Mother. Working mother who volunteers for a lot of activities at school and other places. Not complaining but I would like to dedicate more time to my drawings, but I suppose I am not the only woman thinking the same. So, we do what we can, right??? And push forward.

When I want to work and I am surrounded by the darlings that compose my family, I usually chose to put music on. Yes, it helps muffle all the screaming. Don’t judge. It helps me concentrate. As you might have guess, if you don’t know me already from plenty other blogs and previous reincarnations; I am Argentinian which means that my mother language is Spanish. Although my daily life occurs in dutch, I do speak Spanish to my children. Listening to music in Spanish helps too, in a more subtle way (but very effective) to pass on part of my culture and rhythms. So, a few days ago I was listening to Natalia Lafourcade, (great singer and songwriter from Mexico, look her up!) and I found myself singing this bit of lyrics out loud “Yo no nacĂ­ sin causa” which means “I wasn’t born without a cause”. I’m not sure it translates that well from spanish to english… Anyway, I think we all have a cause. The difficult part is to recognize it and own it. And there is also a bit of deciding for ourselves which one it is. It’s not a matter of cosmic casualty. And also, that cause can change and adapt as years go by, right? Well, I have decided that my cause is to fill the world with color. Ambitious you say. Yes. Aim high! I like bright colors. I like painting walls pink and buying chairs that are bright orange. And I like painting with red and turquoise. A matter of taste. Indeed. But, one can also be subtle sometimes and dim brightness slightly. And get a bit fluffy… so here it is this little illustration of a simple bird following his “cause” across cloudy skies and orange dots… clouds and oranges (use your imagination!).

What’s your cause? have you consciously decided it?

This little bird and his cloudy sky can be found on redbubble.com Click here Florcitasart