Sweet pink daisies

Considering how much time I spend in nature, it is not a wonder that I am drawing flowers all the time. Daisies, however, are one of those flowers I do not have I’m my garden but I wish I did. I walk in a little forest near our house where every spring, the fields are full to the brim with poppies and daisies. I think they just go so sweet together. Sometimes they even overlap with pansies, which are more a full summer kinda flower around here, and the pop of color is just beautiful.

Daisies, like poppies or pansies; aren’t at all fancy flowers with intricate petals or amazing colors. But they are just so pretty! I like to draw them and reinvent them a bit every time. Not that nature didn’t do a great job to begin with! I won’t be surpassing that design! Sometimes I just make flowers my own by coming up with variations. That might take my drawing a bit far from the real flower. It’s true! But well, that is how imagination works. You get inspired and then let creativity take over.

I made this pattern first with pencils and pastels. If you look closely you will notice the texture and a bit of “fuzziness” on the flowers. This is on purpose. It looks “less digital” and more handmade. It has traces of the process.

As always, they are uploaded to my redbubble.com account. If you look up on the menu, click on shop and you get redirected to my page there. There are more and more products where the pattern gets printed on, every day. From mugs, t-shirts and totes to shower curtains and face masks! telephone cases to notebooks and pins.

This year has been rather atypical for all of us. But if you get the chance, please support the small artists and entrepreneurs that are trying to make a living even in these conditions. Regular shops and galleries are closed so we turn our heads to digital shopping.

Thank you!