International Kissing day

The international Kissing day was in July. I found out just by chance reading the paper. It was just a colorful touch for the day and I didn’t know what the background for this day is. Kiss more?? I don’t know. But more as a joke than anything else, my husband told me to make a poster about it so we would frame it and hang it on the wall. Kiss more!!! I made one just for us but I posted it on Instagram and people found it fantastic. Became quite popular.

Going through my files, I just found it. Thought I’d leave it here. We should all kiss more! And yes, there is a man and a woman (Mr Husband and I) in the drawing but it is not limited to that. Apply to all styles of relationships! All valid, all powerful! LGTBI+

“Besame mucho!” means kiss me a lot in spanish.