Meow: Little kitty, messy kitty. Polite kitty. Always puts a [.] after his/hers meows.

Meow came on a Sunday, when we were all at home, a bit lazy and not one of us had bothered to wear decent clothes. We were all clean (always clean, like a cat!) but a bit disheveled and untidy. Hair undone. But happy!

Slim Fit T-shirt

We don’t have a cat. Unfortunately my husband is allergic to their hair. We used to have a dog, Olaf, who passed away a few years ago. He was almost 16yo which, for a labrador, was very old age.

Throw pillow

We miss him dearly and we wish we could have another “4-legged friend”. But right now it’s not the right time for that. If you are going to have a pet at home, you better be ready to provide love and attention.

Classic Mug

But I digress. Meow is all of us early in the morning begging for a few more minutes in a warm bed. Meow is a child after a nap. Meow is a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a messy Monday morning. Meow is every cat lover. Meow is anyone who struggles to keep their hair neat… but it’s always polite!

canvas zipper pouch

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