Escape the ordinary

Wouldn’t we all like to do that right now? although, what is “the ordinary” anymore. Reality changes on a daily basis with new restrictions and rules. You never know what the working “ordinary” is anymore. But, we have to go on, so how about at least mentally we “Escape the Ordinary”? We fly away and try to imagine how it will be the next time we can actually travel somewhere, or visit friends. In the meantime, we have to adapt to what is now happening and do our best to stay safe and healthy.

My way of “escaping the Ordinary” and jumping into other realities, is drawing and painting. So sometimes, when the heavy weight of routine makes me go slower dragging my feet, I like to imagine new worlds of color and paint.

I made this blue bird one of such days. It’s a watercolor which I later finished with pencils and chalk pastels. I enhanced the whole drawing digitally later on so it could be bright and ready to be printed on demand.

It is uploaded to my redbubble account now. There you can choose this or other drawings I’ve made and check out the dozens of different products where they can be printed on.

Otherwise, click on SHOP up there on the top menu and it will redirect you to it. This drawing can be printed on t-shirts, mugs, posters, postcards and so much more.

Stay strong!