Photography: A tiny Look

Some weeks ago I started a new personal photography project called “A tiny look”. I was feeling a bit uninspired but something caught my eye when I was preparing some seeds for this year’s garden ventures.

To explain a bit further, I wrote a bit more under “A tiny Look” on the main menu (up there). Click on it to see some photographs and read a bit. I also opened an instagram page where to upload my weekly photograph. Quite a challenge as I am not a photographer and I am still learning. Also, I am trying to keep it quite minimalist and clean, leaning mostly towards macro photography. I have always found fascinating how plants, seeds, seedpods take on a new dimension when we look up and close and see that a seed actually looks like a kidney with a Mohawk!

So please feel free to check back if minimalist, flower macro photography is something that interests you!

@ Mariana_tinylook is how you find me on Instagram.