Social media updates

I have been spending some time updating my social media platforms. I have added a lot of pins on my Pinterest Original Artworks folder. So take a look if you have some time. You can also visit my Instagram feed where I update the content almost everyday. There are little videos and backstage pics in the stories area which are also nice to see but hey, limited time. They dissapear after a day. If you are on Facebook too, please stop by my page Florcitasart where updates to shop and instagram are also seen, so you are always up to date. Please LIKE my page if you haven’t already. In the near future I am planning on having a flash update to my Etsy shop with some new prints from my gouache work. I am trying to find the best possible professional printer in order to be able to have accessible prices for my clients without dropping the quality of the prints. So… soon hopefully. In the meantime, all original artworks are for sale. Just contact me or DM me via any of the above mentioned social media outlets, for inquires.