postcard size original paintings

Do you know how it is always said that, when inspiration strikes, you have to go for it regardless? Well, inspiration arrived and I had no paper around. But I did have an old postcard of a previous series I made a few years ago, and acrylic. So I painted on top of it, not knowing if the surface was going to be good and the paint stick. But it did!

Copper plant in Etsy

I let it dry, did some doodles on it and then, as I was working, more inspiration hit me. I had a few of these older postcards. All printed with my designs that I am not selling anymore, and they are there. So I decided to use a bunch to make new art. And slowly mono prints followed and collages on top.

More oil pastels, and pencils and soft pastels… and stamps! I love using stamps in my work! I should organize some kind of snail mail exchange so I can get my hands on more stamps! I have to think about that. I miss snail mail.


Anyway, I made a few of these little paintings on postcards and now I am listing them on my etsy shop. Check them out there. They are a good small gift for someone or a way to send some snail mail!

They are all originals an have been varnished to protect them from light, dust and water.