Two years ago I got a pomegranate tree for my birthday. It was promised to grow in the dutch climate which, let’s be honest, is getting alarmingly warmer and warmer every year. At the end of the first summer, one flower emerged from my pomegranate tree. What a beauty!! An orange red trumpet.

Unfortunately, this summer, although with warm temperatures since April really, it looked worse for wear. Spring and summer came and went, and there were no flowers and no fruit.

I dug it out and planted it in a pot. I placed it against one of our house’s walls to keep it out of the frost. Not that it has been that cold anyway, but old habits!

No fruit yet so it stands there with a few leaves holding still on. I hope that, come spring 2021, it greens up again.

I have memories of childhood siesta times in the summer back in my homeland Argentina, under a huge pomegranate tree with friends. All of us stained red from eating this juicy fruit. I will be very happy if I get this tree to grow and give me at least ONE fruit.

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