New Original Artwork

In this website there is a section for original artwork. And I have some new ones to show you. All of these have been listed on my etsy shop. And I will come back to that subject later. But first a bit about the artwork.

I work on paper, acid free mix media paper usually of about 360gr. I have some work on canvases but lately I feel it is much more comfortable to work on paper. I am also working on a fairly handy size (25x18cm). It just feels comfortable now. I suppose it is a period. We all go through them. Sometimes big, sometimes small… both. Who knows! But it is handy for a working Mom that sometimes has to adjust place and hours to give room to family life. Sometimes I don’t get to go to the studio, but I manage to put pencil to paper making it an activity with my kids. I am very thankful that they like drawing as well… and we get time together. Great time to talk to them and find where they are at.

Also, handy size to ship in reinforced envelope… and shipping prices then stay affordable too!

Much of what I draw is influenced and inspired by music I listen too. I could say there isn’t a day that goes by without music.  Even if it is Christmas music which my daughter seems to be hooked on right now. Somehow all those bells seem to fit the grey weather. To a certain extent…

I like mixing words into the drawings. Marks that individually say very little but somehow complete the overall feel of the image. If Santa payed attention, I will get a tripod for my phone for Christmas and i will be able to make some little videos of the process, something which has been asked of me a few times.

So well, this is a series of 4 small paintings which by no means should stay together. It’s more a series because I made them together using a similar palette.

It is called “Florecerá” which in spanish means, roughly, “It will bloom”. It is inspired on the lyrics of a song I was listening a lot those days by Natalia Lafourcade. Find her on Spotify if you haven’t heard her stuff already.




All 4 of these paintings are now listed on my Etsy shop. I have decided to list them there because many of those interested in purchasing already have an account (and making one is for free!) and they can use their credit card or paypal to pay. Prices are there too, easy to check. And for many it just feels safer. And I totally understand. If you think you would like to purchase something but not via Etsy, then feel free to contact me and we will find a way.