Creative minds

Creative minds tend to be a bit chaotic. Going from one thing to the other. Ideas pop up all over the place in multiple colors and materials. And of course you have to try them all. At least MY creative mind works that one. I have met collegues who have an amazing control of their planning and studio life. And I do envy that a bit. But to be honest, although I can be very organized in other aspects of my life, I do tend to get a whirlwind of ideas the moment I step in my studio. Some emotional conditioning I guess.

But, “Creative minds are rarely tidy” doesn’t mean that those minds aren’t productive within the untidiness. Further more, to many (MOI!) that messy creative mind only works in a free range environment. Forcing predisposed patterns onto people that won’t find themselves lose and comfortable, will only make it frustrating.

So today, to warm up my hands, I drew this little doodle.