Monday Quote

It’s a new challenge! Every Monday an illustrated quote.
Now, I am really bad at keeping challenges, I forget, I get engulfed in other projects and then it’s too late, etc. But, instead of giving up I am going to try again. I need to get better at organizing my schedule. I am 43 and still struggling!

“No rain, no flowers”

I found the quote itself on pinterest. I do not know by whom it is. I really liked the idea. The duplicity of language. The fact that indeed, to have a garden with flowers and plants and trees; we need water. Rain. So we have to put up with some days in which we stare at our garden from the window. To those who enjoy gardening as I do (zeeeeeen!); then you know how hard it is sometimes.

And I do believe that it is quite a reflection of life itself. We need to go through hardships sometimes in order to value the results. I am not saying that suffering is good or making an apology of tragedy. It’s more the recognition that in order to get results, you need to put in the work even if sometimes that involves doing things you don’t like or aren’t good at. Like for me, being organized! Using and being a good planner! That sort of thing!

So there, it is my intention to work on a quote a week to then every Monday post it here and on my instagram. Do please check it out!

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