fuerza latina

“Fuerza Latina” (“Latin strength”) is a good example of how inspiration can arise in the most unexpected ways… like when you are dancing around with your daughter to the songs of Lila Downs. I am always enthralled by how much emotion her voice transmits. It doesn’t matter if you understand Spanish, you still get the feeling in her voice. I am Latin and even though I don’t go around making a point of it, I don’t hide it either. I mean, it is who I am… I can’t hide it.

My Husband is dutch and to say there was a culture shock when we moved in together, is really an understatement. A lot of water has gone under the bridge and we have found some middle ground where both our cultures can coexist and make for a richer “growing” space for our kids. The moment we step into our house, it is all a mixture of languages, food, music… discussions too. Latin people tend to talk a lot, loudly and sometimes, with a bit of drama. This shocked Mr husband at the beginning but I think he has learnt how to deal with it (or ignore it). Sometimes, I am nicknamed “Comandantita” (little Commander… at 1,65m I am small for the dutch whom always tower over me!).

I made this illustration thinking of the strength Latin women have, Fuerza Latina. All women really, from all over the world. Always in the backdrop of history books but woven into the fabric that held it all together. Women who made history  in Latin America like The Mirabal Sisters or Juana Azurduy; but were put on a footnote.

Fuerza Latina is also Lila Downs and her music but also Frida Khalo, Mercedes Sosa, Isabel Allende, Storni, Mistral… thinking of writers and musicians I like. Or public figures that I find inspiring like Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, activists for human rights for the many oppressed groups that still need to be recognized with rights (indigenous groups, environmental groups, women rights, etc).

Here is a link to a paper article on the 11 Radical Latin American Artists you should know! And here another on from The Guardian.

And here and article that names some of the best female writers from Latin America. All those links up there take you to pages with a small bio of relevant women in the Latin world.

Well, this is Fuerza Latina. Colorful, strong, quick to laugh and fierce as pumas. Friends and relatives. Familia.


It is uploaded to redbubble on my profile. 

I think it will make a great print to hang in my dining room!