Let’s talk about totes. Are you the type that has a large tote full of smaller totes and bags hanging from a door handle? I am. My husband goes crazy obviously. But, every time that we need one, there they are!


In The Netherlands, as in many other countries, shops aren’t allowed to give you plastic bags for free. You have to buy one or bring your own. This means that most people carry around a fold-able tote in their bag.


The trunk of my car is full of large totes which I use when I go to the farmer’s market every week. It was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but we are now so used to carry our own bags that last summer when we visited the US, we didn’t understand why the cashier lady was looking at us a bit weird when we pulled out our own tote from a bag pack and insisted on carrying our groceries there instead of plastic bags. Cultural differences!


So when I saw that had the option of printing my drawings onto totes, I jumped to it. And they look so good!


They have two different types of totes in different sizes. A sturdy tote made of spun polyester poplin fabric and another tote made of lightweight cotton. And good news! Right now if you buy 2 or more, you get a discount!


They are printed all over, not just one size and they are machine washable which means, in my book, that they are extra handy when you carry stuff from kids to games, picnics, swimming lessons, etc. Multiuse really!

Flower Power

I have made some photos and added the links underneath each of them to go directly to each of them. There are more on my shop, so check them out please! And I will be probably adding more as weeks go by.

Orange drops

I hope you like the totes and also join the eco trend of carrying your own bag. It’s handy and it is good for the planet!