red Apple

One apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. That’s what they say. I love autumn because it is the time of the apple harvest. I have planted 3 apple trees in our garden. Different varieties, granny smith apples, gala apples and jonagold apples too. We eat a lot of apples, needless to say.

They are also a great snack for the kids. My daughter takes usually one to her school. And so does my oldest son.

It is also that time of the year to make apple crumble! Our favorite dessert. Apples and walnuts from our garden.

There is something totally satisfying in a repetitive pattern. Making dots with pencil, watercolors, pastels, acrylics… or digitally. So I made an apple. It is a simple drawing, a simple round shape, with so much potential. So many things you can fill it with!

What I thought it was a lot of fun, was to start with a few colors: pink, red, blush, orange and white. And then slowly mix them up. A bit of this and a bit of that and you get a lot of colors in the same range. Little variations. Slowly. Patience. And then you get an image that looks quite different if you are watching up close than if you are stepping back and taking in the whole picture.

As always, I have uploaded this design to my redbubble. You can click shop up there in the menu and you get redirected to the site where this and other drawings of mine can be found in a lot of different products like notebooks, cushions, t-shirts, pouches, clocks, Tote bags, postcards and a long etcetera!

Thanks for stopping by and please do click on those link and take a look!