Happy rainbow

Lalala it’s a happy rainbow! this is one of those drawings that you have to wear when you are on a positive happy mood. It just illustrates that carefree, ‘nothing will bother me” kinda mood. You sing along in your own happy rainbow.

But let’s be frank, you can also wear it on those more “cloudy” days because this little rainbow will cheer you up and by the end of it, you will be singing lalala too!

There is a hardcover notebook (and one with a spiral, check it out! )

I have to be honest and admit that I went ahead and ordered this print on a t-shirt. I just liked it a lot and I thought the simple yet bright design would really look good with a pair of jeans this spring!

If you click on SHOP you will be redirected to my Redbubble page where you can find this and many other drawings you can choose from. There are lots of products and the quality is really good!