A tiny look

“A tiny Look” is a new project which I have just started in Spring 2021.

As the general lock-down due to the pandemic continues in The Netherlands, I found it increasingly difficult to deal with the restrictions. I understand them, and I agree that we have to take care of each other. I just started having trouble dealing with it all. The limitations, the bored people getting annoyed at others, the closed shops and restaurants. No traveling! Well, why describe a situation most of you might already know.

I fell into a sort of creative numbness. I could not get my head working. It all seemed boring, futile, non important. Until one day, looking through my seed collection -because it is spring and it is time to prepare for a waking garden- I noticed how intricate these tiny little things are. I spent quite the time putting them in order. Grabbing hand fulls out of an old handmade flower-bowl I made in another life time, and putting them in envelopes..and also making little patterns with them. A game began!

I used to do a lot of photography. Mostly macros. I never had my own camera but I would sneak around with my husband’s camera. He actually is the semi-pro photographer in our family. I still don’t have a camera or any fancy equipment. I just have a phone (S10). And a lot of curiosity.

I don’t know how long this project will take. Or how often I will be posting photographs but I am hoping a few times a month at least.

Please, do follow me on Instagram where “A Tiny Look” has it’s own account where photos, and conversation, are presented.